Olynq SoM

Olynq SoM embedding Processing Module



ITR’s OLYNQ-Z20C-H8 System on Module (SoM) combines the "Xilinx Zynq-7020 All Programmable SoC" device with main components like QSPI Flash, fast DDR3 RAM and controller’s DC/DC power supply to a ready-to-use embedded processing platform.

The small size of SoM (50x56 mm) allows space saving hardware designs.

2 Board connectors (Hirose FX-8) with a total of 240 pins are routing all MIO pins and an sufficient amount of programmable logic I/O pins to the base board.

Due to complex components already integrated on the processing module, base board development efforts and risks will be highly reduced. Product specific base boards with larger dimensions could be produced in standard PCB technology. (e.g. 4 layer PCBs).

This site is still under construction. Further information about SoM are available here:   Flyer